In April, 2009 Azul Locadora was born, fruit of entrepreneurship by the partners who visualized in provision of special transportation for disabled people a business opportunity.

Since birth Azul Locadora has been expanding its coverage area, providing transportation services for students, patients, employees, events, business and adapted tourism.

The pioneering of Azul Locadora and its innovation capacity made her a reference in the provision of transport services geared for people with disabilities market.

Focused on understanding the needs of their customers, Azul Locadora offers different "Accessible Transportation Solutions", knowing that each customer possess a different need, but in all cases we maintain the Azul Locadora quality when providing our services.

Continuous Investing in processes, people, equipment and vehicles, our goal have been to achieve a new quality level, safety and innovation when providing our transportation services.


Offer to our customers Solutions for Accessible Transportation


To be a reference of good practice in the market of transportation services for persons with disabilities.

Solutions for
accessible transportation